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Machine Gate Castors
With a Zinc Plated steel finish our castors
will provide many years of durable use while
maintaining an attractive finish. Some of the
main features of our castors:
Swivel castor for smooth operation
Spring loaded to compensate for
uneven concrete and damaged high
traffic concrete
5" Diameter castor wheel, removable
for replacement after wear life
900lb capacity.
Access Gate Castors
(Single Door)
Rigid Castors specifically designed to support
the additional weight and strain added to
access gates with tempered glazing. Easily
mounted to the gate frame, they are a great
addition to any facility, helping to keep
weighted gates from warping, shifting or
drooping out of adjustment. Replacement
wheels are available upon request.
Our hinges offer the ideal combination of
functionality and appearance. Available in
both Zinc Plated and Glass Bead Stainless
Steel finish, both variations will remain
strong and functional throughout their
Available in Zinc Plated or Stainless
Steel finish
Slotted adjustable holes for easy
Lift off for easy removal
Complete with grease fittings for
lubrication when required latches
Typical construction for both left and
right swing gate panels
Zinc Plated
Glass Plated Stainless Steel
Replacement Castor Wheels
Welmar Recreational Products stocks
replacement castor wheels for both machine
gates and access gates. Contact us for
replacement wheels as required.
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